Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

I studied the Lotus Palm Method of Thai Yoga Massage with Kam Thye Chow, founder of the Lotus Palm School in Montreal, Canada, and renowned teacher, author, and artist. The Lotus Palm Method integrates Eastern knowledge of the mind, body and spirit with the Western understanding of the body.

Put simply, Thai Yoga Massage, TYM, is passive Yoga. The practitioner guides and supports the recipient through a series of passive stretches incorporating compressions along the body's energy lines and pressure points. The session is performed on a mat on the floor, fully clothed in comfortable clothing allowing for freedom of movement.

TYM relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, increases range of motion, supports good joint health, boosts the immune system and facilitates alignment both physically and energetically. You don't have to be a Yogini to receive this type of bodywork, TYM is beneficial for all body types at all levels of fitness. TYM is especially beneficial for those who tend to not incorporate enough stretching into their fitness program.

While TYM is movement oriented, you can expect to feel extremely calm, relaxed and grounded while feeling rejuvenated as the same time. The Lotus Palm Method of TYM is based on Metta, or loving kindness and compassion. As with Yoga, TYM is essentially, moving meditation.