Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Luck Runners!

It's February in Maine....19 degrees, feels like 4.....great time for a road race! Another beautiful, sunny day!

Cape Elizabeth's 10 Mile Classic has grown in popularity each year....this year, close to 1000 runners registered! Great course, challenging distance....all in all, a positive event that keeps runners motivated during the winter.

Runners.....take advantage of the post-event massage offered at the race. Massage facilitates muscle repair, flushes toxins, loosens tight muscles, eases joint movement for greater range of motion....thus speeding post-race recovery.

Hold on to your race numbers! Please call or email me to book a follow up massage session, bring your race number, and receive a $10 discount towards your session.

Keep your training healthy, get routine massage and run happy!

See you at the Race!