Sunday, March 14, 2010

Free Thai Yoga Massage and Introductory Yoga classes

During the week of March 22-27, both myself and the WholeHeart Yoga Center will be offering free Thai Yoga Massage samples and Introductory Yoga classes, respectively.

I practice massage at the WholeHeart Yoga Center on Tuesdays, and have been a student at WholeHeart since 2005.

Many people don't know what Thai Yoga Massage is...or, have heard of it, but never experienced it. I practice the Lotus Palm Method of Thai Yoga Massage....also incorporating other techniques that I may use in sports or deep tissue sessions. Please read my blog from Dec 2009 describing the Lotus Palm Method.

If you have any questions and/or would like to book a free introductory session, please call or email me directly at 233-6715 -

Please visit WholeHeart's link to the right of the page for more information on the Introductory Yoga classes.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Beach to Beacon 2010

"The only thing that is getting me through this race is the simple fact that I'm not going to do it again next year!"

That was me....last the 2009 Beach to Beacon, my 5th B2B.

Why did I feel that way?

Well, it could have been that it took me 1 1/2 hours to register because the website was being could have been the sitting in my car in bumper to bumper traffic trying to get to the could have been the sheer number of runners that packed the course from start to might have been the heat. Actually, for me, it was the be honest :) I'm a cold weather girl. But, the other things are definitely worthy mentions.

Yet, I do love this race. My family loves this race. It's a family tradition to run the B2B. The energy is happy, positive, and holds a true sense of community...everyone knows's like a big group hug! The course is beautiful and a great challenge. The race supports local charities. And, it's Joanie's race....and, we love Joanie!

This year, understanding the difficulties with registration, and knowing how many runners want to do this race, B2B has decided to offer a registration process that would be more fair this time around. Cape E residents had a pre-sale day all to themselves....the general public had their chance the following day....and for those who wouldn't get in, a lottery has been offered.

However, the B2B website on Saturday, 3/13 at 8 am was overwhelmed yet again...making registration virtually impossible. Of course, the irony of the situation...I, after declaring my final run being last year's, decided to try to register so that I could run with my family....and, of all my family, I was the only one who got in.

I'm writing this in dedication to all of those who had difficulties registering and didn't get in. I'm sending positive vibes to you and your lottery hopes. In my opinion, either the race needs a "stronger" website for registration day OR I'd like to see a total race lottery in the they do with the NYC Marathon for example.