“Laura Vecchio is not only a highly skilled massage therapist, but she is also a great listener who adapts to my needs. She approaches her practice in both a physical and spiritual way and her sessions always include time for a check-in about any health or energy issues which is something I really value and appreciate. During the massage, Laura works at my comfort level and maintains a constant level of connection with me to make sure I’m getting the most out of the session. Laura is also a seasoned athlete and has a deep understanding of athletic injuries. I appreciate her tremendous knowledge of anatomy and physiology and the fact that she allows plenty of time for questions and discussion before and after our sessions. I would recommend her to anyone!” -Tracy, graphic artist, yogini

"I heartily recommend Laura's work as a massage therapist. She listens carefully and adapts her approach accordingly. Laura has helped me with injuries and general maintenance - and always has good advice. Above all, Laura is a caring person." -Phil, desk jockey, sometime swimmer and cyclist

"I went to Laura once a month during my pregnancy. Those sessions were an integral part of keeping me healthy and happy during that time. Laura always takes the time to ask questions and listen closely before a session - every time - so that I feel in good hands with someone who is interested in learning as much as possible about what my body needs. This felt especially important as my body changed. She approaches her work with incredible commitment, focus, and physical strength, giving 1000% of herself every session. And, it makes a big difference to me that Laura is an incredibly warm and lovely person. A massage therapy session with Laura is great for my body and my spirit." -Emma, mother/small business owner/getting back to running

"I started working with Laura 3 years ago initially for help with work-related, repetitive motion injury. As a competitive athlete, I have continued to work with Laura for 'maintenance' as well as addressing the various aches and pains that come with training. As a like-minded athlete, she is in tune with my questions and concerns. I appreciate her proactive approach towards keeping me injury free and doing the things I love to do!" -Jen, avid runner, triathlete

“I started seeing Laura about 4 years ago when I was suffering from an injury; Laura helped bring me back from that painful place. Today, I continue to see Laura because she helps me maintain a happy, healthy, and strong body. Her sessions incorporate kindness & compassion, focus & awareness, and expertise & knowledge. I like Laura so much, I recommended her to my mother who is now another regular client. Laura is wonderful!” -Leslie, happy camper, salesperson, and yogini

"As a woman who has danced for many years and sustained a number of injuries, I’ve worked with several kinds of bodywork specialists—massage, acupuncture, Alexander Technique, cranial sacral therapy, and physical therapy to name a few. But I’d never met someone who was so intuitive to her clients’ needs, until I worked with Laura. I’ve been receiving massage from Laura for several years now, and I’m continually amazed by how well she understands my body. She is highly knowledgeable, present, compassionate, and I will keep coming to her because I know, when I’m on her table, I’m in 'good hands'." -Ashley, Writer and Nia Instructor

"I have been going to Laura for deep tissue and Thai massage regularly for almost three years now and I recommend her highly. She has helped me immensely, providing me with pain relief, relaxation and personalized advice on stretching and strengthening. Not only is Laura physically fit and very strong, which is essential for the demands of deep tissue and Thai massage, she is also a very warm and positive person. I feel grateful and fortunate to be one of her clients." -John, Artist/Animator

"I have been meeting with Laura for about 3 years and always look forward to my time with her. Laura is just as attentive before my massage as she is during and after it; she listens, working with me to plan the session. By now, she is very familiar with my body; she can see where I’m carrying my stress when I walk in the room. The time I share with Laura is nurturing and reminds me of the importance of caring for myself. She's a very special person." -Olga

"I grew up playing sports. After college I practiced mixed martial arts for years. Regular yoga with some strength training thrown in for good measure has been my exercise diet for the past 3-4 years. Somewhere along the way I consciously realized how powerful a proper relationship with the body is for being centered with respect to life as a whole. And, somewhere further along the way I discovered massage and the amplification of wellness it delivers for body, mind and soul. Laura Vecchio is among the very best massage therapists I have ever worked with. And, she is the only massage therapist I work with on a regular basis. Intuitive, knowledgeable, highly professional; Laura is all of these things and much more. Don't miss the opportunity to work with her." -Lytfi